Unforgettable moments (2)

(This is the best picture of my trip, no doubt.)

I spend a lot of time in all the different classes (there are 4 classes) and I help the teachers whenever I can.

Both websites are taking me a lot of time and I also talk and learn as much as I can from everybody here.

Once again, I really am happy to see that the team is doing its best so provide a good environment to the children and even the cookers are really present to educate them and to give them the keys to succeed.

On Friday the 21th of July, with the whole CAITHS team, we cleaned

some area of the community because it is very dirty and the main problem is that kids are playing with these rubbish things (e.g.: Old bottles, plastic bags, destroyed shoes,...) and that people don’t seem to know how bad it is for them, their kids and the environment to throw all the trash in the nature just next to their houses. This is why the staff is doing this work and they want people to realize these problems so that they can change their way of living and have a better healthcare........

I wrote it before but the pupils are taking their exams so I help the teachers to correct it the exams they are having in Mathematics, Science, Social studies, Swahili and English (reading and writing).

During my weekend, I’ve been able to go for a walk in Mbita, to rest a bit, and to enjoy the beautiful landscapes Rusinga Island have !

By meeting a lot of new and different people it seems like quite all the people I met, from my boda boda’s driver to the members of CAITHS, are deeply proud of their country and their culture and on an international plan they want Kenya to be recognize as a strong country and to have a serious place on the world.

The presidential elections are on the 8th of August thus you can see a lot of posters and there are many meetings. According to the people I’ve talk to, it is a peaceful election period this time, contrary to the last ones.

Back at school on Monday (24th of July 2017) I worked with one teacher to put down all the marks each kid got from the last week’s exams.

I and a teacher did a lesson to the pre-unit class about small and capital letters.

On the 25th of July 2017, Tuesday, the founder and I have had a meeting to create CAITHS crowdfunding account therefore people all around the world could help this organization with its projects by donating some money.

The first project is to provide to all 500 girls from 13 to 24 years old living in Rusinga Island sanitary pads and the help from some healthcare providers. Because this is one massive problem here in Rusinga for all girls that are either dropped-out or school-going.

I will explain it a bit more in another article.

Then I spent some time with the children in the playground. They received their exam papers back and we sang a couple of song.

Pas encore de mots-clés.