Unforgettable moments (1)

I started my job of volunteer in this school on Monday ( the 17th of July 2017) and I have been able to teach some french to 2 classes already. I have never teach before and my aim is that in 2 weeks time, the kids know how to present themselves in French and maybe how to count up to 20, know some colors and animals. I teach to kids from 5 to 7 years old (Class 1) and they seem interested !

It is really nice to see their smile on their face, and to see that the teachers are happy and curious as well.

These two weeks are their lasts weeks before their summer break thus they are having exams during those weeks. I have been able to correct some mathematics exams so I saw what and how they are learning.

I have another aim that is to help the founder to create the school’s website and to be active on social medias such as Twitter, Instagram etc. He already had created a Facebook account and we hope that the impact will help to collect money to buy things for the school like library, desks, pencils, papers, towels, clothes (uniforms). We also hope that this impact will make people create other organizations like this one, in Kenya, in Africa and around the world.

They seem so please when you show that you are interested and that you are there for them.

The whole team is full of hope and you can feel it. They want their pupils to succeed therefore this school is really promising

On Tuesday (the 18th of July 2017) I’ve been able to make the Class one have their English exam and to correct it.

I also worked on the school’s website and on my blog.

I teach French to Class 1’s pupils and I talked a lot with the teachers and the founder so that we really can do a team work and it helped me to really understand the aim of this organization.

For my third day at school (19/07/2017), I played with all the kids in the schoolyard. They talk easily to each other and you can feel that all the children are helping each other in all ways, even though they are still kids and fight some times.

I did a drawing session with the little ones (3 and 4 years old) so that they learn different fruits and animals.

The education goes a lot through songs therefore the kids can remember it easily.

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