(This is the best picture of my trip, no doubt.)

I spend a lot of time in all the different classes (there are 4 classes) and I help the teachers whenever I can.

Both websites are taking me a lot of time and I also talk and learn as much as I can from everybody here.



I started my job of volunteer in this school on Monday ( the 17th of July 2017) and I have been able to teach some french to 2 classes already. I have never teach before and my aim is that in 2 weeks time, the kids know how to present themselves in French and maybe how...


I created this website so that people can have a testimony of how it is to be a volunteer at CAITHS and especially at Kathy and Mike McNulty Academy.

My first article will just be setting things and establish why I did that, how I manage to find this, what I want to bri...

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My name is Zoé and I am an 18 years old French girl. I am volunteering for 2 weeks in an organization called CAITHS, in Kenya. Follow my adventure and become a volunteer !

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